RadioAirplayPros.com a division of Dominion Global Inc. is a radio airplay marketing organization which consists of a team of music industry promotion veterans with over 100 years of combined music-marketing experience. As one of the music industry's leading radio airplay marketing firms, our mission is to level the playing field for the independent record company or new developing recording artist by giving their music an opportunity at receiving real radio airplay. We strategically formed our team to assure this mission is accomplished! Unlike our competitors, RadioAirplayPros.com has created strong strategic partnerships with radio station owners, program directors and disc jockeys in order to guarantee that your music is not just HEARD by them, but PLAYED by them. RadioAirplayPros.com and its Affiliates are in the position to offer our clients a "guaranteed radio airplay" service at an affordable rate as a way to test market records for true viability.

RadioAirplayPros.com markets its client’s music to all levels of radio, which include Internet (Tunein, Streema, Streamlicensing, Radionomy, AOL, iTunes Radio, Pandora, Accuradio, iHeart Radio, Audiorealm, On Demand, Yahoo! Rhapsody, MTV Radio & Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters), BBC Radio, Satellite (Sirius XM & Music Choice), College and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio (Major FM - BDS / Mediabase Reporting Stations). Although our primary focus is monitored stations, we also service your music to Non-Commercial, Activator and Non-Reporting radio stations to ensure maximum exposure! Our competitors advertise that they will service your music to thousands of radio stations and secure radio airplay. This is IMPOSSIBLE because that many stations do not exist for any ONE particular format of music. We however, simply GUARANTEE RADIO AIRPLAY for our clients on legitimately monitored radio stations that are verifiable by third party companies. These stations report radio airplay to music monitoring companies such as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase, and DigitalRadioTracker.com. In addition, they pay royalties to performance right societies such as SOUNDEXCHANGE, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC as well as report to various industry trades such as Billboard, FMQB, DRT Top 200, DRT Top Independent Charts, Cashbox, BRE, Hits and many others!

As one of the music industry's leading radio promotion and marketing companies, RadioAirplayPros.com and its affiliates have received more than 200 RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum Plaques and have been affiliated with more than 190 #1 Billboard charted records! Our mission is to get your music heard by the decision makers that play music, while helping you build your radio airplay story! With great positioning at radio, who knows, maybe you will be our next #1!

Here are some of our many accolades that align the walls of our offices:
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